The first course in second semester had the catchy name Pimp my Site. We were introduced to the front-end framework Boostrap, which has a really great colum system! We were in this course encouraged to do design in browser.

In the end of the course, we had to choose a company or an organisation located in the city area Nørrebro and redesign their homepage.

My group and I chose to redesign the webpage of a local church called Stefans Kirken. We did that for two reasons. First of all their website was really crowded. They have a lot of content and little structure and thus we could see a big potential for the site and found that we by improving their structure could improve the site a lot. Second of all no one in the group is religious and thus we would all be challenged by having to get in the mindset of a church in order to make a succesful redesign.

How we improved the site

At the original site every main menu item had many different subpages and often it was not crystal clear wich subpage you had to click in order to find the desired information. Therefore we merged all subpages in the same category into a onepager. Each former subpage is now a section instead and each main menu item now only have one subpage.

Another thing we did to improved the structure of the site was updating the navigation system. We kept the primary navigation, but removed all the subpages (which is now sections) from the primary navigation.

Instead the many subpages (sections) are now shown in a secondary scroll-spy navigation.
The secondary scroll-spy menu appears when you enter a onepager, and the smart thing about a scroll-spy menu is that it automatically highlight the section you are currently reading and thus gives a great overview.


Our programming teacher was really fond of our navigation system! (So were we…) And our page was chosen as one of the five best redesigns – we did not win though. The reason for that was mainly how we chose to edit the photographies. The design teachers found them to gloomy for the purpose and actually they are quite right.

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