Now we had to gather all our current knowledge about animation and make Kræftens Bekæmpelse’s campain Fuld af Liv [Full of Life] more alive. You can check the original site out here if you want to.

The process

We followed the webdesign process we got to know earlier on the semester (you can read about it in details here). In short it means that we among other things created a creative brief , layout diagrams and sequence diagrams. But as a new tool we got to know Scrum Board. I already love it! It is so great to keep track of your tasks – what needs to be done and for when? Which tasks are in process? Which are blocked? And finally which are done? We used – go and check it out, you can use it for almost every task!

Our Creations

We created 4 sprite animations for the front page. Furthermore we had to choose 1 of their 3 quizzes and animate it. We chose Hvad er din alkoholdning? [What is your alcopinion?].

We were 4 in the group and we all created a sprite animation for the front page. Furthermore we all drew a character and its development for the quiz. I created our flowchart which shows the way the quiz can branch depending on your answers. The flowchart and the sequence diagram are vital in order to keep track of the story when creating the Javascript.

I created a lot of the Javascript for our Quiz – I find it a lot of fun! Where as other members of the group were more into the design and writting part of the project.

You can visit the page here:

To enter the page you should use the username keammd and the password kode2015.

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