This week marked the ending of the first course at our education.
We had to everything we learned about webdesign to redesign an existing webpage. We got to choose between a bookstore, a bakery and a jewelry store. We chose the latter as we felt like the webpage had the greatest potential to be turned into something better.

We were a group of 4 people working together on the assignment. We had to analyse the shop and the potential costumer to make sure our design was in line with their taste and thus appealed to the same people as the jewelry does.

Then we had to go through the webdesign process (it is described in details in my post about my responsive portfolio). We did concept development and design together. Then each of us coded one page up and in the end I put all the code together and made sure it worked, while other created the written report we had to hand in.

It was a great project and I really felt like I got to used what I learned so far – and I am surprised how much that is!


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