The last course in our first semester is Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship. We had 4 weeks with different themes, but the main goal was to create a suggestion for and a prototype of a smartphone based service, which would improve the culture and shopping experiences in the city center of Copenhagen.


We created the following problem formulation

How can we, as an external agency, create a digital information desk that will both expand the consumers’ consciousness about the different shops in the city center of Copenhagen and function as a communication interface in which the shops can communicate with the consumers?

Now that I write it here I actually get more conscious about how long a sentence it is. Anyway, I hope you get the point.


We wanted to create an app that provides an overview and thus functions as a digital information desk. It should provide an overview of the shops, their opening hours and special events arranged by the shops. You should be able to search for shops, find them on a map, find them under different categories and find them alphabetically. But the app should not just be an information desk. The app should be more intelligent. The shops should be registered in a database where also their audience, areas of interest and price level is registered. That way the app will be a digital personal shopper, which can helt the consumer find just the right shop or just the right present.

How to be an Entrepreneur

The idea of the course was for us to get a little more familiar with the different aspects of being an entrepreneur or at least some kind of innovator. Thus we went through many different subjects all relevant when you are working on a new procuct, concept, service or the like. We had a lecture on design thinking which is great to use in a creative process. We had a lecture on budgeting in order to increase the chances of us surviving on the market. We had lectures on different market analyzes making us better in compeeting at the market and launch our product to the right audience. And we were taught about Conzoom a valuable tool to get an understanding of different audiences and segments.

To manage the project we again used a Scrum Board (or now we were taught that it is called a Kanban Board). Anyway we used once again.

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