Now the time has come for us to code our interactive story!

The story I chose to code is the following:

A cat is walking. It sees a panda bear and get scared. It can hide behind a stone (and does so if you click at the stone). But the panda bear is eating bambus and the cat wants some of it, so it dares to walk towards the panda. But the panda does not want to share with the cat and hits it. But a magic star appears! If you click it a panda costume appear to help the cat. Now the viewer has 5 seconds to click the costume otherwise the cat looses the chance to fool the panda and everytime the cat walks toward the panda, the bear will hit it. But if you on the otherhand clicks the costume in time, the cat will dress up as a panda and fool the bear to believe it is a panda too. The panda bear will now give bambus to the cat.

We could choose a small script or create our own. I decided to create my own.

After choosing the script to code I created the following:

  • Storyboard
  • Flowchart
  • Sequence diagram

In this animation we had to include both background music and sound-effects. To include the sounds were not difficult, but I found it callenging to create the the code for the mute buttoun! But then it was just so much more satisfying when I succeeded.

The characters

Sprite Animations

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