The second course this semester was called Digital Communication and Corporate Video. The course was created in collaboration with the Danish newspaper Metroxpress.

Metroxpress is a new type of newspaper, which has another business model than the original newspapers. Metroxpress is free for the reader. They earn their money by selling add space to external companies, who wants to benefit from Metroxpress’ great reach.

The Task

The task was for us to create a campaign, which would increase the daily number of readers for Metroxpress. The campaign should be created in collaboration with a company willing to spend money on the campaign in exchange for the great exposure they get from being in the newspaper. Furthermore the campaign had to include a video, an ident and a campaign website.

Our Campaign

We created a campaign, which was a cooperation between Metroxpress, the travel agency Kilroy and the outdoor equipment store Spejdersport. The campaign is a competition, where the reader has the opportunity to win an adventure trip. In order to win the trip, you have to submit a photo or a video of yourself inspired by the destination you want to win.

In order to know which destinations you can possibly travel to and thus which theme your photo or video should have, you have to go and get a copy of todays Metroxpress. Every day (as long as the competition runs) Metroxpress will bring a travel guide for a specific destination and a specific kind of adventure trip. The travel guide will also include a guide to which equipment to bring on the specific kind of adventure trip. Thus the travel guides are actually native advertising for both Kilroy and Spejdersport.

As you have o go and get a copy of the newpaper in order to participaty, we assume that the daily numbers of readers will increase.

The campaign has the slogan “Drømmer du dig også væk?” which in English would be “Do you also daydream?”.


Actually Metroxpress was really fond of our campaign! They invited us to a meeting where we talked more about the campaign and if Kilroy and/or Spejdersport are interested in making the campaign it will be a reality!

Campaign Video

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