This week we were introduced to the concepts design in browser, content first and mobile first. We were also introduced to the frontend framework BootstrapBootstrap is a gridbased frontend framework, which builts mobile first project.

In my opinion the grid system is a great tool to manage content in an easy way.

The Task

In order to learn how to work with Bootstrap we all had to create a product page for a product of our choice. I chose to create a page for the crystal glasses from Nachtmann. I find the glasses so beautiful and they create such a classy atmosphere, which I would like to recreate in a website.

Futhermore we had to:

  • Implement at least one JavaScript element.
  • Use PHP.
  • Optimise the site for web.


My product page was chosen as one of the great ones, mainly due to its atmosphere. Personally I was also really satisfied with the result! When you enter the product page to catch the classy mood and I already feel a bit more royal just be looking at the product page.

It will certainly not be last time I am working with Bootstrap’s grid system!

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