The last course this semester (except the exam) went by the name X-perience Design. We had to improve the experience of visiting a certain museum. My group and I chose to work witht he museum Frilandsmuseet. It is an outdoor museum and the exhibitions are old Danish farms or other related buildings. We liked the challenge of combining the old farms with new technology without destroying the feeling of travelling back in time.

Our Application

The primary target group for our application is children in the age of 9 – 12 and their teachers. The secondary target group is other adults going to the museum with children in the mentioned age group.

In the application teachers or other adults can read about the houses at the museum. Then they can favorite those they would like to visit. When they are done planing the trip, they will get a code, which they can share with the children.
When the children enter the code into their application, they get directions on where to go in order to visit the houses, which the adult planned for them to visit.
At each house they will “meet” the original residents of the house. They will ask them 3 questions related to the house.

This way we hope that the trip to the museum will be both more education and more fun for the kids!

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