At this webpage you can read about my successes and mistakes as a multimedia design student. I want to show everything I make in school. Both the good and the bad stuff. In that way I can use this page to reflect upon what I learn – and hopefully see a development towards the better.

Thus you should not expect only to find groundbreaking designs and animations looking like they were made by Disney. You will find everything I have created during my education. I create it to learn and hopefully get closer to a Disney level.

As a multimedia designer I can control your multimedia project. I can code CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. Furthermore I know how to create video  and I have studied a bit of marketing.
I like to take photos. It can save my day if I feel like I got a good shot. Thus I can get you a great photo of you or your products if that is what you need.
I find math in almost everything and I love it! If there is something I can calculate I will do it. And if I can make a logical system it is great! I am therefore ready to take on any mathematical task.  I believe my love for math is the reason behind my love for coding.