I have done 2 user tests on my site. One is a Five Second test the other is a Preference test. The Five Second test shows whether users instantly know what my site is about and the Preference test show which of two designs the users prefer. Read about the results here.

5 Second Test

The Five Second test shows whether users in 5 seconds can identify what my site is about. The first impression is important and especially on the internet as it is so easy to move from webpage to webpage. Thus you have to catch the attention from visitors immediatly.

During the test 21 users looked at my front page for 5 second. Afterwards they had to come up with an answer to what the site is about. Thus the test shows whether visitors instantly think this must be a portfolio for a multimedia design student or not. If they do not think that I will have to make it more obvious! Here are the answers they gave:
(ps. some of the answers were in Danish. In those cases the original answer is in parentheses)

Users who new (yay!):

  • Portfolio
  • Multimedia design
  • Sofie’s blog/portfolio
  • Art, Photo editing
  • A personal blog with a portfolio (Personlig blog med portfolio)
  • Portfolio
  • Multimedia design
  • Multimedia design student (Multimediedesigner studerende)
  • Multimedia design, a little messy with all the colours (Multimediedesign, lidt rodet med alle mulige farver)
  • A multimedia designer

Users who did not know

  • Modern art
  • Movie and editing (Film og klipning)
  • Photos (Billeder)
  • Fanculture (Fankultur)
  • Soccer fanculture
  • I don’t know, but is was pretty (Det ved jeg ikke. men den var flot)
  • Don’t know (Ved ikke)

And in the end my favorite… Users who did not really answer:

  • Hospital colours (rather primaries) (hospital farver (heller primær farver))
  • good
  • It is cool 🙂 (den er meget fed :))
  • Great, connection (Super, sammenhæng)

I think it is great that so many users can identify the purpose of my site in 5 seconds! But still many cannot and that is what I have to work on. I think many of the misunderstandings can be corrected, if I put more emphasize on the fact that the items on my front page is the newest items in my portfolio. For example 2 users got the idea that my site is about (soccer) fanculture. First of all it is football… But second of all that is probably due to my movie-poster-project were I created posters for the movie Green Street Hooligan.

So what I take with me from this test is:

  1. make it obvious that the items on the front page is portfolio items.
  2. Reconsider if my site is too colourful.

Preference Test

In the Preference test the users had to choose between two different front page designs. Thus I could try out my designs and see whether one was better than the other. It turned out to be close to a dead heat… 20 people participated – 9 voted for one option and 11 for the other.


9 votes


11 votes

None of them were really superior to the other. I don’t know if they were both good or both bad or just both something in between. Anyway I am gonna stick with the one which recieved 11 votes for now.

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