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By 09/28/2015Internet

We had a lecture about the history of the internet. It centered around how human beings since forever has created systems to communicate across distance. In the beginning the systems were really basic – you could light up a bonfire and tell people one message all ready agreed upon like the enemy has attacked.
Through time our communication systems has become more and more complex. Today you are no longer bound by time or space, but are able to communicate with people all over the world any time.
And the internet is such a complex communication system that actual internet communities can emerge. And the communities created online can move out to the real world. 4chan and Anonumous are example of that.

Personally I have spent the most time on Imgur of the different online communities. I love how it contains both funny, honest, sad, proud, pretty and critical posts. I feel like it is a place where people lower their guards and find a place to be the same. At the same time I think it is a really supporting community and it makes me so happy to read how strangers support each other.

A great example is this post. The Success Kid is a picture used to tell successful stories. But the dad to the kid used on the picture is now really sick and he needs 75.000 dollars for a kidney transplant to survive. Someone made a post about this and told people on imgur that the Success Kid Needs Help and from how I read the comments they reached to goal within 6 days from the post were shared.

My Favorite Meme

We got a task after the lecture to create this post about our favorite meme. That I find really difficult. There are so many great ones out there. Instead I have created my own meme, which fits this post really well. It is a confession and thus I used the Confession Bear (also from Imgur).

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